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Mission Of KARMA:

To enhance the quality of life and expand opportunities for youth through activities that energize their mental, spiritual and physical development; to assist youth in order that they will seek success in life and to provide the most basic of all human needs - a sense of belonging.


Karma was established in 2004 to fulfill the need for a community-based youth program in the underserved areas of South Bexar County. This program has 5 focus areas:

  • Education and Literacy

  • Youth Athletes

  • Workforce preparation, entrepreneurship and vocational training

  • Health and well being

  • Adult mentorship


The Karma program provides an encouraging, life-supportive environment with educational and recreational activities, as well as providing year round participation in team sports (football, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, golf and Tae-Kwon-Do).


Since 2010, the Karma program has been able to provide a Summer Feeding Program to any child under the age of 18, no questions asked, in partnership with the San Antonio Food Bank and the USDA.


Our challenge is to assist underprivileged youth of the South and East sides of San Antonio, to help them meet and overcome the many challenges they face daily in their lives.


These challenges include:


  • Obesity

  • Alcoholism and underage drinking

  • Teenage pregnancy

  • Education

  • Gangs and youth crime 

  • Minorities and low wages


Our proposed efforts to address these issues and how it relates to KARMA goals:


Involve the person served in developing solutions, raise expectations, build self-esteem, develop personal and organizational capacity.


From the health and human services program guidelines:

To develop character and self-reliance in young persons through organized activities founded on the traditional values of respect and responsibility, to free children from abuse and neglect with an emphasis on the character development of children.


One of our primary objectives is to provide learning opportunities and activities that educate our youth to the consequences, both positive and negative, to their actions. We try to inspire our youth through motivation and momentum (M&M) by targeting their setbacks and helping them to stay focused on their reachable and realistic goals. We teach them to give back through community, civic and patriotic service. Karma wants to help develop the whole child by promoting spiritual, mental and physical well-being. Our sports programs are organized activities founded on the traditional values of respect and responsibility. They teach and support the valuable life skills of teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline and fair play while providing the physical exercise that is so important to a healthier lifestyle.


In all, KARMA and its participants can benefit greatly through activities and by reinforcing our mission and goals and to distribute the funds raised at the complex to benefit all involved.

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